Our Team

Alex Maturana : Managing Director

Alex is the lead trainer for Accelerated Training and overseas the entire operation. His focus is on delivering the most outstanding service for all clients engaged with Accelerared Training. A master communicator who holds a Bachelor of Commerce, Cert 4 in OHS, Cert 4 Training & Assessment , Cert 4 Health Care (Ambulance) , Master Practitioner of  Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Plus much more!!

Debbie Maturana : Accounts/ Office manager

Debbie is excellent at building relationships and ensuring Accelerated Training clients receive superior service. she achieves this by taking the time to understand clients’ businesses and requirements and ensuring a tailored training solution is delivered. she has an excellent understanding of legislative requirements around training and also first aid in the workplace and the wider community.

Ashely Allen : Senior administration/ Receptionist

Ashely is a perfectionist and persists until there is nothing more to be done. She has been working in the training industry for more than four years and has excellent knowledge of our courses and the industry in general. If you have a question about one of our courses or any other request Ashely is here to help.

Sandra Difori : Administration Assistant

Sandra is a dedicated and hardworking employee that is repsonsible for the daily data processing and the general administration for Accelerated Training. Sandra is always happy to assist clients  and ensuring that they are satisfied with their training.

Michelle Culbert: Accounts Administrator

Michelle is a highly valued employee here at Accelerated Training. Michelle always comes to work with a possive attitude and mindset and is ready to  complete any set task. Michelle is responsible for the daily accounts and general administration. Michelle ensures that  all clients are satisfied with their training.

Raquel Maturana: Marketing Director

Raquel is a enthusiastic and hard working employee , currently studying a bachelor of biological sciences in her spare time she is a marketing director here with us at Accelerated Training. Raquel has the responsibility of ensuring that all our courses are to the fullest that they can possibly be and also promoting upcoming courses to our clients. Raquel is also in charge or creating , brochures , managing our facebook page and also creating and managing our website

Ruben Maturana: General Administration

Ruben is a valued employee at Accelerated Training who shows a keen interest in the field of admin. Ruben completes administration tasks such as answering the phones , banking and binding he is also responsible for printing.

About Us


Accelerated Training is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO 41474) which has been working closely with local and National communities and businesses.
Over the last 8 years Accelerated Training has focused its energies on helping individuals and businesses to overcome educational challenges and achieve their goals.
We all know that in today’s world without tickets and qualifications it is becoming extremely challenging to earn a living. Laws are forcing individuals to up skill, re-train and obtain necessary qualifications. The job market is favoring individuals that have more than one qualification.
People want more, need more and are in search of SO MUCH MORE to improve their quality of their lives by obtaining skills which will not only enable them to comply with the law but also enable them to GET the job that they need, want!
Businesses need to get the edge, increase sales and add more value to customers needs. So then consider the following! Accelerated Training is your one-stop shop for all your Vocation, Education and Training needs. Call us today and find out how we can help you achieve your goals and dreams.

About Alex Maturana

Alex Maturana started his personal development journey over 20yrs ago when he read his first book by David J. Schartz called “The Magic of Thinking BIG”.

This was the start of a desire for him to explore and go on this huge learning curve called “Personal Development”.

In 1995 he was watching an infomercial late one night when a man by the name of Anthony Robbins was promoting his motivation life changing CD’s call “Personal Power”. He took out his credit card and bought the CD’s which stayed in his bookshelf for 3 years.

The CD’s still in the original packaging. He couldn’t quite get motivated to listen to them. Yes the story of many peoples lives! Hey, but they sure look good on his bookshelf (laughs).

One day he was moving homes and he came across the CD’s and with a sense of disappointment and a feeling of failure he started listening to them. After 30days of listening to the CD’s his life change for ever.

Alex attended his first event and then signed up for Mastery University. Upon completing these trainings, he realised that the nature of all these fantastic life transforming seminars where based upon Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy and Hypnotherapy.

Alex is now a Certified Trainer of NLP, Time Line Therapy & Hypnotherapy. He is the director of Accelerated Training and has been transforming lives just as his was transformed many years ago. 

Our Team

Alex Maturana

Managing Director

Debbie Maturana

Accounts/ Office manager

Raquel Maturana

Marketing Director

Michelle Culbert

Accounts Administrator

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