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RIIWHS202E – Enter and work in confined spaces

Confined space training is required for all workers requiring an individual to enter and work in a confined space as defined in the Work Health and Safety Legislation.

The Work Health and Safety legislation defines a Confined Space as an ‘enclosed or partially enclosed space’ which will have some or all of the following:

  • Is at atmospheric during occupancy.
  • May have restricted means for entry and exit, requiring a permit.
  • May cause engulfment.
  • Can be enclosed or partially enclosed.
  • Is not intended or designed primarily as a place of work.
  • May not have a safe oxygen level; i.e. an oxygen deficiency or excess.
  • May have an atmosphere that contains potentially harmful levels of contaminant.
  • Has special requirements regarding rescue, first aid, stand-by personnel and spotters acting as a safety officer.

An employer has a duty of care to ensure all workers are safe whilst working in/ and around a confined space. This means that the employer must manage those risks around confined space work which includes the training and supervision of those working in/ or around a confined space.

Accelerated Training offers a variety of Confined Space Training options to satisfy the legislative requirement.

Target Students

Target students of this program are those working in operational roles that enter and work in confined spaces in the resources and infrastructure industries.Target clients of this unit of competency work in high risk situations. Including but not limited to:

  • The mining sector
  • Construction industry
  • Transport and logistics

Target students will have developed fundamental core skills in:

  • Work Health & Safety
  • Risk Assessments (Toolbox meeting  attendance)
  • Working with Permit

Course outline:

This course is designed to provide persons with the introductory understanding, knowledge and practical experience to continue and or commence work in Confined Spaces.

  • Plan and prepare for work in a confined space, including OH&S and emergency response procedures.
  • Enter and work in the confined space, monitoring atmosphere and maintaining communication.
  • Exit confined space, tagging and lock-out procedures.
  • Clean up the work area, tools and equipment, signage and barriers.

Please select the training option that would suits your needs:

Option one: $275 (7 Hours)

RIIWHS202E – Work and Enter Confined Space

* Requirements are that you hold a current CPR qualification

Option 2: $650 (14 hours)

  • RIIWHS202E     –   Enter and Work in Confined Spaces
  • MSMWHS201   –   Conduct hazard analysis
  • MSMPER300    –    Issue work permits
  • MSMWHS216   –   Operate breathing apparatus
  • MSMWHS217   –   Gas test atmospheres

* Requirements are that you hold a current CPR qualification

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