Accelerated Training

WHS Committee Member Awareness

Course Information

This training program was specifically designed for Endeavour Energy to provide an awareness of the roles and responsibilities of WHS committees, their members and potential members within its organisation.

Initial Training

  • Face to Face: 1 Day

Refresher Training

  • Face to Face: 1 Day


  • There are no pre-requisites for this training
Course Outline
  • WHS framework and terminology,
  • Duty holders and their duties,
  • Role and function of SafeWork NSW
  • Penalties under the WHS Act.
  • Consultation requirements under WHS legislation;
  • Workgroups and election of HSRs;
  • Roles and responsibilities of HSRs and Health and Safety Committees; and
  • Role of inspectors in the consultation process.
  • Role of HSRs in consultation, assisting workgroups and as a member of a HSC;
  • Investigating complaints; and
  • Issue resolution and support for HSRs.
  • Key requirements of risk management;
  • Monitoring and review of risk controls; and
  • Notifiable incidents.
  • Purpose and function of PINs;
  • Role and requirements for HSRs to issue PINS and process for issuing a PIN;
  • Disputes and resolution;
  • Directing unsafe work to cease.