Accelerated Training

RIIVEH201D – Operate Light Vehicle

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Course Information

This unit describes a participant’s skills and knowledge required to operate a light vehicle in the Resources and Infrastructure Industries.

This unit is appropriate for those working in operational roles.

Training Course Details:

The program is delivered over a period of one (1) week. Specifically:

  • One (1) week prior to the student attending class where the student will study the learner guide and prepare to attend class. Students are expected to read and understand the theory delivered in the Learner Guide and be properly prepared to attend the face to face class training and assessment
  • One (1) day face to face class training and assessment of eight (8) hours duration
Training Day Program Unit of competency
Session 1 8.00 to 10.00 Theory Training

Practical Training

RIIVEH201D Operate light vehicle
Session 2 10.00 to 12.00 Theory TrainingPractical Training RIIVEH201D Operate light vehicle
Session 3 12.30 to 14.00 Theory Assessment RIIVEH201D Operate light vehicle
Session 4 14.00 to 17.00 Practical Assessment RIIVEH201D Operate light vehicle

Target Students

Target students are people looking to acquire the skills and knowledge required to operate a light vehicle in operational roles in the Resources and Infrastructure Industries.

This course is appropriate for those working in assistant roles.

Target Students of this unit of competency work in high risk situations. Including but not limited to:

  • The civil construction sector
  • The mining sector
  • Construction industry
  • Transport and logistics
  • Load shifting

Target students will have developed fundamental core skills in:

  • Work Health & Safety
  • Risk Assessments (Toolbox meeting attendance)
  • Working with Permits

This program is designed to be run as a public program or can be customised to meet specific client needs.

On successful completion of the training program students will be awarded a Statement of Attainment for RIIVEH201D Operate light vehicle


The total training and assessment for this unit of competency has been determined through:

  • Identifying and analysing the target student group
  • Identifying and analysing the needs of the target student group needs
  • Identifying and analysing the suitability of the target student’s suitability/capacity to successfully complete this program of study
  • Effective consultation with industry
  • Contextualisation of the program of study
  • A systematic approach to validate and improve the training and assessment strategy

Awards Issued

RIIVEH201D – Operate Light Vehicle


Students must attend with:

  • Suitable clothing – industry specific PPE

 Students are provided with:

  • Learner’s resource manual
  • Powerpoint Presentation, Handouts
  • Course introduction
  • Assessment material
  • Additional industry and reference sources (handouts) –
    • SWMS
    • Pre-start checklist

Students are provided with access to:

  • A light vehicle
    • Equipment and attachments
  • Designated operating area

 Training facility resources include:

  • Data projector
  • Whiteboard
  • Suitable seating and desks
  • Adequate lighting
  • Audio visual support
  • Wireless internet
  • Associated training aids
  • Tea / coffee / water

 A purpose built training facility is located at the Accelerated Training premises.


Accelerated Training has identified that applicants will already hold fundamental knowledge and demonstrate key skills that are integral to completing the training program within the described time frame. Accelerated Training will confirm students are suited to the training program in which they enrol and be given the best opportunity for a positive vocational outcome. Confirmation of the student’s suitability (prior to accepting enrolment) includes collecting documents and evidence to identify and confirm prior skills and knowledge and to ensure the student is suited to this program of study.

Enrolment is normally one (1) week prior to the scheduled face to face training day. When the enrolment is accepted Accelerated Training will:

  • Confirm the student’s aptitude relevant to working in a confined space
  • Confirm the student is physically able to demonstrate the required skills
  • Confirm students hold a current driver’s license
  • Conduct an Accelerated Training Language Literacy and Numeracy test
  • Ensure each student provides a 100 points of identification:
    • Category A documents
    • Category B documents
  • Issue a Learner Resource

Language Literacy & Numeracy

  • Ability to read appropriate signage for the tasks required and understands clear consistent formats that are written in simple sentences
  • Interpret instructions and information from notices, forms and other forms of written instructions
  • Writes short texts with simple structures.
  • Fills in details on simple forms and can complete workplace checklists
  • Records simple and routine information
  • Asks simple questions and makes statements with reasonable effectiveness where this involves short utterances and highly familiar content.
  • Can use a range of nonverbal communication support such as gestures and facial expressions to express meaning.
  • Can describe a routine task, using workplace specific vocabulary as appropriate supported by body language.
  • Communicates using radio equipment, e.g. to report to base on a location or field emergency
  • Locates and recognises simple, everyday mathematical information in highly familiar short and simple oral and or written materials.
  • Ability to calculate braking distances and speed of oncoming traffic
  • Follows simple instructions and can measure content, time and distance

What are my rights and responsibilities as a student?

The Australian Skills and Qualification Authority (ASQA) require that students be aware of their rights and responsibilities once they have selected their training provider.

Your rights and responsibilities can be found in our Learner Handbook that should be read BEFORE enrolling into any of our courses.