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Prepare Work Zone Traffic Management Plans Card Renewal Process

A person is eligible to renew their NSW RMS Photo Card for Prepare Work Zone Traffic Management Plans (PWZTMP) if their Photo Cards were issued after 1st July 2015 under the updated competency framework (refer to above pictures). RMS photo cards have a 3-year expiry date.
The renewal process for PWZTMP has been created for those who are maintaining currency within the traffic control industry.

If you are eligible to the Renewal Application Form to renew your Photo Cards, please contact the office to arrange for your renewal process on 02 4262 7072

Option 1 – Completing a renewal application form.
Option 2 – Completing a refresher training




Prepare Work Zone
Option 1 – Renewal Application Form –No Training required

Option 2 – Renewal Application Training

Refresher training required (½ day per ticket)


To be eligible for this option you must be an experienced, competent traffic control professional, and must be able to produce the following:

  • RMS Photo Cards issued after 1st July 2015 (as shown above)
  • Photo Cards must be current or recently expired within the last 3 months
  • Must provide 3 x (TCP’s) Traffic Control
  • Plans you have designed in the last 12
  • months
  • Must provide 1 x (TMP) Traffic Management Plan you have designed in the last 12 months
  • Provide a signed employer declaration


Note: If you are unable to fully meet these requirements, then you must select Option 2 – Refresher Training

This option suits those individuals that do not draw TCP’s or TMP’s as part of their work activities on a daily basis and cannot produce the appropriate evidence as outline in Option 1.
To be eligible for this option you must be able to complete the following:

  • RMS Photo Cards issued after 1st July 2015
  • Photo Cards must be current or
    recently expired within the last 3
  • Attend one full day refresher training that includes theory and practical activities

Note: If you are unable to fully meet these requirements, then you must attend a full 3 day course again

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Note: If you are not able to satisfy the requirements of Option 1 or 2 you will need to attend a Face to face training again

Instructions to the applicant when completing the Renewal Application form

The following will need to be completed by you for eligibility of your renewal application form:

All fields in the RMS Renewal Application form must be completed.

To demonstrate your currency in the Industry, you will need to complete an authentic record of 6 actual Traffic Control jobs and/or 6 Implement Traffic Control Plan shifts you have undertaken in the past 12 months. This will include the location of the works, a detailed description on the nature of the job and the client you worked for. Your employer (PCBU) will need to sign Section 5: Employer Declaration. All evidence will be assessed by one of Accelerated Training approved RMS Assessor.

To lodge your application, please submit your completed application form and any required documentation by email to with the subject labelled as:

  • Renewal – your first name & last name (refer below)

If you do not label this as the subject, your Renewal Application form may be re-directed and could be delayed in the processing.

A current photo is significant to supporting your Renewal Application form and applying for your new photocard. The photo you provide must be a clear focused image of good quality and less than 3 months old. The photo should include your shoulders to the top of your forehead looking directly at the camera and not tilted in any direction. A plain white or light background is crucial. Images with glasses, hats or any other items obstructing your face will not be accepted by the Roads and Maritime Services.

Payment will be required before we are able to process your Renewal Application Form. Upon submission of your Renewal Application form, supporting documents and payment, it can take from 4 – 6 weeks for your application to be processed with the Roads & Maritime Services.

Note: If you have submitted your application but believe your current tickets may expire before the new tickets arrive, you must contact the office as soon as reasonably practicable on (02) 42627072 so we can issue you temporary certification. This is your responsibility!!!!

Before sending your application form, please confirm the following:

  • Attached a Renewal Application form that is complete with all mandatory fields filled out
  • Attached a recent, good quality, clear image of my face from the shoulders and above with a plain white background
  • Provided copies of your current or recently expired (within the last 3 months) photo cards
  • Provided a copy of my current Driver License or relevant ID
  • Understand that it may take up to 4-6 weeks for my application to be processed by the Roads & Maritime Services as well as issuing card
  • You acknowledge that its your responsibility to make contact with Accelerated Training if you require temporary Statement of Completion certificates
  • Understand that your application will not be processed until you have made full payment on the ticket/s you are renewing


Prepare Work Zone Renewal